About Kerry Madgewick

Kerry Madgwick is a Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Instructor, Author and Organic Advocate. Kerry has been passionate about all things health related for over 25 years and she helps her clients embrace the core principles of living a healthy lifestyle without fads or gimmicks, building successful habits in simple and easy steps. Kerry's talks are based on her own experience of being extremely ill, stressed, depressed and overwhelmed to who she is today. She really does "walk her talk" and shares her story to inspire and motivate others to take control of their health and is so passionate about this topic she wrote the book "If you believe you can Heal Yourself you Can" available on Amazon.

Title of talk - 'Mind the Gap : Restore Your Health & Reduce Stress ' 

Kerry Madgewick
Kerry Madgwick Nutrition and Hypnotherapy

7 Steps to Optimal health - Nutrition, Gut Health, Stress reduction connecting the dots for optimal Mind/Body Health. Simple and Easy Tips to take away and implement including Stress and Your Body Demo / Sugar Demo / Brief Stress Relief Exercise

What you will learn:

  • How to run your body more efficiently so you can have more energy and focus and be more productive and effectively on a day to day basis

  • Simple and Sustainable techniques to improve your vitality

  • Simple technique to reduce stress and create calm in a chaotic world

About Miranda Eyre

Miranda left school at 16, homeless single mum with two kids by the age of 24. She has experience as a print rep, then creative agency, landing a large Tesco contract and being part of the team that created the local produce campaign. She has had the honour of working with the Royal family, designing and building the first sponsored Russian garden for the RHS. Her landscaping business Twig was sold in 2018 allowing her to take a new direction, training to be a counsellor and going back full circle to the creative world.

Title of talk - 'Nine lives and Counting' 

Miranda Eyre

The Circus


Many people say to Miranda “ you should write a book” and maybe she will one day. Many people have challenges they face, often in silence, but Miranda will share with you her many lives and hopes to inspire you - you just need to keep going and it's in your power to turn things around


Miranda's talk will take you on a journey from Childhood to Marriage and children; through divorce, health issues and more romance and then loss of my family; finding peace with a new partner and building a successful business.

What you will learn:

  • Don’t be afraid to say yes. There is a silver lining in every cloud.

  • Being believed is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

  • Success is the sweetest form of revenge.

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