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About Kerry Madgewick

Kerry Madgwick is a Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Instructor, Author and Organic Advocate. Kerry has been passionate about all things health related for over 25 years and she helps her clients embrace the core principles of living a healthy lifestyle without fads or gimmicks, building successful habits in simple and easy steps. Kerry's talks are based on her own experience of being extremely ill, stressed, depressed and overwhelmed to who she is today. She really does "walk her talk" and shares her story to inspire and motivate others to take control of their health and is so passionate about this topic she wrote the book "If you believe you can Heal Yourself you Can" available on Amazon.

'Mind the Gap : Restore Your Health & Reduce Stress ' 

7 Steps to Optimal health - Nutrition, Gut Health, Stress reduction connecting the dots for optimal Mind/Body Health. Simple and Easy Tips to take away and implement including Stress and Your Body Demo / Sugar Demo / Brief Stress Relief Exercise


Kerry Madgewick
Kerry Madgwick Nutrition and Hypnotherapy

What you will learn:

  • How to run your body more efficiently so you can have more energy and focus and be more productive and effectively on a day to day basis

  • Simple and Sustainable techniques to improve your vitality

  • Simple technique to reduce stress and create calm in a chaotic world

About Annabelle Webster

Recognising when good is enough

Prior to being ‘the damp lady’ Annabelle worked in the travel industry working for Scandinavian Airlines as their UK and Ireland frontline sales manager, as well as working on the board at Sir Bob Geldof’s internet travel company in charge of the travel team.

Following her three children Annabelle and her husband set up South East Timber and Damp now in its 16th year. Annabelle now works as a lecturer and performance coach.

What you will learn

•    Stop looking for that golden bullet it doesn’t exist
•    Take time to plan, stay focussed and take action
•    Ask for help from amazing men and women you meet


Annabelle Webster

South East Damp and Timber

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