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Using technology you will be able to interact and chat to other ladies and hear some great speakers.

The huge advantage of this is ……


You are going to hear some speakers for whom it is usually too far to travel.  

The emphasis as always will be on you building your contacts, your community, hearing some great speakers and having some fun guaranteed.

Chaired by Gill Monk, All Health Matters 

Women in Business Network LIVE...

Thursday 15 October | 12 - 1:30 pm

Guest speaker - Taz Thornton

Inspirational Business and Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | Award-Winning Empowerment, Confidence, Personal Brand & Visibility Coach | Award-Winning Speaker Trainer | Extreme Empowerment Specialist 

Thursday 15 October | 12:00 - 1:30 pm | Guest Speaker Taz Thornton

Unleash your awesome

Abuse. Breakdown. High-flying corporate career. Celebrity clients.


So what? It's not where we've been that matters, it's where we're going!

You’ve yet to experience the magic of Taz Thornton. 

Taz was trained by the same team who trained Tony Robbins.

Her ability to create lasting, powerful change comes from Taz’s unique skillset; she’s an unusual blend of sharp, corporate knowhow and deep, spiritual perception.

The blending of these two worlds unlocks so much potential for growth, development and awesome breakthroughs.

Taz also firewalks, glasswalks, arrow breaks and so much more she is an amazing person.

Be heard, be seen be you, unlock your awesome book your place now for you are going to hear one of the most exciting and memorable speakers in the UK.

Thursday 15 October | 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Guest Speaker Taz Thornton

Chairperson Gill Monk 

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